I used to be famous (or maybe notorious) for taking my shoes off to do presentations. I can’t tell you how this habit started, but I CAN tell you that it felt good.

I stopped doing that. I started being a “professional.”

Except, every now and then…I needed to get down and dirty with something I was teaching–usually an interactive projector (they lend themselves to down-and-dirty) or something I felt extremely passionate about. I’d end up totally in the zone, barefoot, occasionally on my knees and flinging my arms around like I was a bird (or, perhaps, more gracefully–a ballerina).

And it felt good.

For whatever reason, this popped into my head today–this former barefoot-ness. And I thought, “I should do that again.” And then I thought, “I should most certainly NOT do that again!” After all, I’m a professional! Right?

Call me insane, call me a hippy, call me Meadowflower Junebug or something, but there is something incredibly grounding about being barefoot–about taking off your stupid, uncomfortable (yet professional) heels, your Target wedges, your whatever, and just being rooted. I think we could all use a little more grounding lately.


Tomorrow, I’m going to attempt to present to a bunch of strangers with my shoes off. I’m going to make a thing of it. It’s going to be my thing (again). Because, after–what feels like–ages of feeling like we were all making it up as we went along, scrambling, searching, and responding to countless initiatives sent from above, I finally feel grounded.

I promise to get a pedicure.


Meadowflower Junebug, barefoot hippy


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